A Lumpdate

What is a lumpdate? I’m glad you asked. “The Lump” is the name I use to refer to the imaginary goblin in my brain that rides a tiny, rusty unicycle in circles, day and night.

watercolor artwork of a cartoon goblin giving bad advice about mental health

The Lump was quiet for a while, but it’s back again, so this is a lumpdate- an update about the Lump. It won’t be a long lumpdate; the Lump is rather unoriginal and doesn’t have many new points to make. Really, they’re all repeats of the same damaging doubts from before.

In sum, the Lump is back, setting up shop in my mind.

A cartoon goblin riding a unicycle and damaging mental health by refusing to leave

I’m trying to evict it.


Your brain

2 thoughts on “A Lumpdate

  1. […] Part of what makes depression so terrible is that, by its very nature, it keeps you from getting help. It tells you you’re worthless, it makes you ashamed, and it robs you of motivation and energy. My depression tells me that I’m ungrateful and burdensome and that I should keep quiet about the things I’m struggling with. Well, y’know what? I’m sick of taking orders from The Lump. […]


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