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Mobile-Friendly Archives: The Ketamine Chronicles

Find posts about what it’s like to use medically administered ketamine for depression. Follow my experience from the beginning or jump to the titles that interest you!

DecemberFamiliar Themes: Ketamine Troches Part 2
Renewing the Ketamine Chronicles: Troches Part 1
AprilShifting My Depression Treatment From Ketamine to TMS


NovemberSound Sensitivity: Part 36
OctoberKetamine for Depression: Misconceptions, Stigma, and Prejudice Online
SeptemberA Strange Effect: Part 35
JulyAn Overdue Ketamine Infusion Report: Part 34
AprilAt the Bottom of a Well: Part 33
MarchSome Benefits of Ketamine Infusions (for me)
Post-Infusion Confusion: Part 32
FebruaryA Gold Monocle: Part 31
JanuaryNot Much to Report and Ketamine FAQs: Part 30
Kaleidoscope: Part 29


DecemberBalloon Head: Part 28
The Subtleties of Water: Part 27
NovemberThe Taste of Music: Part 26
OctoberOwl Eye: Part 25
SeptemberInk Blots and No Propofol: Part 24
AugustKetamine Assisted Psychotherapy 2: Part 23
A Ghost Town: Part 22
My First KAP Session: Part 21
JulyKetamine Assisted Psychotherapy
Just Float Away: Part 20
JuneTrying a Sleep Mask: Part 19
MayThe Wolf and the Goat: Part 18
The Day 2 Mystery: Part 17
AprilClose Your Eyes: Part 16
MarchMoth Wings: Part 15
What Noise Sounds Like in IV Ketamine Treatment: Part 14
JanuaryThe Tower of Shrimp and Absurdity in IV Ketamine Therapy: Part 13
Underwater: Part 12


DecemberBackyard Lion: Part 11
Depressed Again Despite IV Ketamine Treatment: Part 10
The Sound of Peanut M&Ms: Part 9
NovemberA Fish Wedding: Part 8
Skeletons and Jellyfish: Part 7
Feeling Better with IV Ketamine Treatment for Depression: Part 6
OctoberWhen the Power Goes Out: Part 5
Depression is a Sinkhole: Part 4
Detached Curiosity with IV Ketamine Therapy: Part 3
It’s a Trip: Part 2
Ketamine Treatment for Depression: Part 1