The Ketamine Chronicles


April               At the Bottom of a Well: Part 33

March               Some Benefits of Ketamine Infusions (for me)

                    Post-Infusion Confusion: Part 32

February            A Gold Monocle: Part 31

January             Not Much to Report & Ketamine FAQs: Part 30

                    Kaleidoscope: Part 29


December            Balloon Head: Part 28

                    The Subtleties of Water: Part 27

November            The Taste of Music: Part 26

October             Owl Eye: Part 25

September           Ink Blots and No Propofol: Part 24

August              Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy 2: Part 23

                    A Ghost Town: Part 22

                    My First KAP Session: Part 21

July                Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

                    Just Float Away: Part 20

June                Trying a Sleep Mask: Part 19

May                 The Wolf and The Goat: Part 18

                    The Day 2 Mystery: Part 17

April               Close Your Eyes: Part 16

March               Moth Wings: Part 15

                    Noise: Part 14


January             Tower of Shrimp: Part 13

                    Underwater: Part 12


December            Backyard Lion: Part 11

                    Depressed Again: Part 10

                    The Sound of Peanut M&Ms: Part 9

November            A Fish Wedding: Part 8

                    Skeletons and Jellyfish: Part 7

                    Feeling Better: Part 6

October             When the Power Goes Out: Part 5

                    Depression is a Sinkhole: Part 4

                    Detached Curiosity: Part 3

                    It's a Trip: Part 2

                    Depression: Part 1